Items Price
Cold Drink Rs.30.00
Tea Rs.50.00
Plain Coffee Rs.90.00
Black Coffee Rs.90.00
Sweet Lime Soda Rs.70.00
Sweet Lassi Rs.80.00
Saled Lassi Rs.80.00
Diet Can Rs.90.00
Items Price
Mineral Water Rs.30.00
Lemon Tea Rs.50.00
Cold Coffee Rs.120.00
Cold Coffee (With Ice Cream) Rs.150.00
Fresh Lime Soda Rs.150.00
Mango Lassi Rs.150.00
Mixed Fruit Juice Rs.150.00
Anaar Juice Rs.200.00


Items Price
Mango Shake Rs.120.00
Vanilla Shake Rs.120.00
Chocolate Shake Rs.120.00
Kesar Pista Shake Rs.120.00
Items Price
Butter Scotch Shake Rs.120.00
Strawberry Shake Rs.120.00
Pine Apple Shake Rs.120.00

Veg Soup

Items Price
Tomato Soup Rs.100.00
Veg Hot ‘n’ Sour Soup Rs.100.00
Veg Marchow Soup Rs.100.00
Items Price
Veg Sweet Corn Soup Rs.100.00
Veg Mushroom Soup Rs.100.00

Chicken Soup

Items Price
Chicken Soup Rs.150.00
Chicken Hot ‘n’ Sour Soup Rs.150.00
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Rs.150.00
Chicken Mushroom Soup Rs.150.00
Items Price
Chicken Eggdropped Soup Rs.150.00
Chicken Manchow Soup Rs.150.00

Chinese Veg

Items Price
Veg Chowmein Rs.250.00
Haka Noodles Rs.250.00
Veg Choupsy Rs.250.00
Veg Manchurian Rs.250.00
Cheese Manchurian Rs.270.00
Cheese Chilly Rs.270.00
Items Price
Lemon Cheese Rs.270.00
Mushroom Chilly Rs.270.00
Mushroom Sweet ‘n’ Sour Rs.350.00
Cheese Sweet ‘n’ Sour Rs.350.00
Cheese Singapuri Rs.350.00


Items Price
Roasted Papad Rs.40.00
Fried Papad Rs.40.00
Masala Papad Rs.80.00
Items Price
Green Salad Rs.120.00
Kachumber Salad Rs.120.00
Cream Salad Rs.150.00

Non Veg. Snacks

Items Price ( Full / Half )
Tandoori Chicken Rs.500.00 / Rs.280.00
Chicken Tikka Rs.500.00 / Rs.280.00
Reshmi Tikka Rs.500.00 / Rs.280.00
Makhmali Kabab Rs.500.00 / Rs.280.00
Malai Tikka Rs.500.00 / Rs.280.00
Haryali Chicken Tikka Rs.500.00 / Rs.280.00
Chicken Seekh Kabab Rs.500.00 / Rs.280.00
Afgani Chicken Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00
Tangri Kalmi Kabab Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00
Items Price ( Full / Half )
Chicken Chap (2 Pcs. Par Plate) Rs.350.00
Chicken Shami Kabab (8 Pcs. Par Plate) Rs.350.00
Chicken Fried Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Finger Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00
Singapuri Chicken Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Pakora Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00
Stream Chicken/td> Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Chat Rs.600.00 / Rs.350.00

Fish Special (Seasonal)

Items Price
Fish Reshmi Rs.400.00
Fish Tikka Rs.400.00
Fish Tikka Haryali Rs.400.00
Amritsar Fish Fried Rs.400.00
Fish Tomato Rs.450.00
Fish Tikka Masala Rs.450.00
Fish Chilly Rs.450.00
Items Price
Fish Garlic Rs.450.00
Fish Takatak Rs.450.00
Fish Sweet ‘n’ Sour Rs.450.00
Saag Fish Masala Rs.450.00
Fish Lemon Rs.450.00
Tawa Fish Masala Rs.450.00

Mutton Special

Items Price
Mutton Chap (Par Piecs.) Rs.200.00
Mutton Tikka Dry Rs.400.00
Mutton Keema Curry Rs.400.00
Mutton Tikka Curry Rs.400.00
Mutton Rogan Josh Rs.400.00
Saag Mutton Masala Rs.400.00
Mutton Rara Rs.450.00
Items Price
Brain Curry Rs.350.00
Handi Meat Rs.400.00
Mutton Curry Rs.400.00
Mutton Masala Rs.400.00
Mutton Do Piyaza Rs.400.00
Mutton Chap (Grave) Rs.400.00

Indian Non Veg. Tadka Masala

Items Price
Plain Grave Extra (Per Plate) Rs.200.00
Chicken Chap Masala (Per Plate) Rs.400.00
Tomato Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Tikka Masala Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Kadai Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Curry Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Masala Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Corma Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Taka Tak Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Items Price
Chicken Keema Curry (Per Plate) Rs.400
Butter Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
White Butter Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Do Piyaza Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Handi Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Rara Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Kali Mirch Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Tawa Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00

Chinese Non Veg.

Items Price
Chilly Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Garlic Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Manchurian Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Items Price
Lemon Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Singapuri Chicken Rs.650.00 / Rs.350.00
Chicken Sweet ‘n’ Sour Rs.700.00 / Rs.400.00

Veg. Snacks

Items Price
French Fries Rs.130.00
Spring Roll Rs.150.00
Cheese Cutlets Rs.180.00
Veg. Cutlets Rs.180.00
Veg. Methi Kbab Rs.180.00
Veg. Cocktail Kabab Rs.180.00
Veg. Crispy Rs.250.00
Fried Baby Corn Rs.260.00
Mushroom (Chilli Dry) Rs.260.00
Paneer Chilli (Dry) Rs.250.00
Items Price
Paneer Tikka) Rs.180.00
Paneer Haryali Rs.180.00
Paneer Pakora Rs.180.00
Fresh Paneer Rs.180.00
Paneer Malai Tikka Rs.180.00
Paneer Fingers Rs.200.00
Mushroom Tikka Rs.200.00
Mushroom Haryali Tikka Rs.200.00
Mushroom Malai Tikka Rs.200.00

Indian Veg. Tadka

Items Price
Dal Makhni Rs.160.00
Jeera Aloo Rs.180.00
Aloo Gobhi Rs.180.00
Aloo Mutter Rs.250.00
Bangan Bharta Rs.250.00
Mix Vegetable Rs.250.00
Yellow Dal Rs.260.00
Channa Masala Rs.250.00
Palak Mushroom Rs.270.00
Mushroom Masala Rs.270.00
Mushroom Do Piaza Rs.270.00
Paneer Haryali Rs.180.00
Paneer Pakora Rs.180.00
Fresh Paneer Rs.180.00
Paneer Malai Tikka Rs.180.00
Paneer Fingers Rs.200.00
Mushroom Tikka Rs.200.00
Mushroom Haryali Tikka Rs.200.00
Items Price
Mushroom Malai Tikka Rs.200.00
Mushroom Kali Mirch Rs.270.00
Malai Kofta Rs.270.00
Palak Kofta Rs.270.00
Sarson Ka Saag Rs.270.00
Cheese Tomato Rs.270.00
Kadai Paneer Rs.270.00
Tawa Paneer Rs.270.00
Paneer Butter Masal Rs.270.00
Paneer Taka Tak Rs.270.00
Paneer Taka Tak Rs.270.00
Paneer Do Piaza Rs.270.00
Shahi Paneer Rs.270.00
Paneer Bhurji Rs.270.00
Palak Paneer Rs.270.00
Paneer Pasanda Rs.270.00
Paneer Kali Mirch Rs.270.00
Paneer Channa Masala Rs.270.00
Mutton Paneer Tadka Rs.270.00
Cheese Tikka Masala Rs.270.00

Naan Roti

Items Price
Plain Roti Rs.20.00
Butter Roti Rs.30.00
Makki Roti Rs.50.00
Khasta Roti Rs.50.00
Missi Roti Rs.50.00
Luchhedar Prantha Rs.50.00
Plain Naan Rs.40.00
Fried Baby Corn Rs.50.00
Butter Naan Rs.50.00
Items Price
Garlic Naan Rs.50.00
Onion Naan Rs.80.00
Paneer Naan With Gravy Rs.100.00
Choori Naan Rs.150.00
Gobhi Culcha Rs.80.00
Aloo Culcha Rs.100.00
Veg. Stuff Culcha Rs.100.00
Mutton Keema Culcha With Gravy Rs.200.00
Chicken Keema Culcha With Gravy Rs.200.00

Rice Land

Items Price
Steam Rice Rs.180.00
Jeera Rice Rs.180.00
Veg. Pulao Rs.200.00
Pease Pulao Rs.200.00
Veg. Fried Rice Rs.240.00
Cheese Fried Rice Rs.280.00
Items Price
Veg. Biryani Rs.250.00
Cheese Biryani Rs.280.00
Chicken Biryani Rs.400.00
Mutton Biryani Rs.400.00
Chicken Fried Rice Rs.100.00


Items Price
Mix Veg. Raita Rs.150.00
Kheera Raita Rs.150.00
Boondi Raita Rs.200.00
Items Price
Pine Apple Raita Rs.200.00
Mix Fruit Raita Rs.200.00

Ice Cream Desert

Items Price
Matka Kulfi Rs.100.00
Vanila Rs.100.00
Strawberry Rs.100.00
Butter Scotch Rs.100.00
Kaju Kishmish Rs.100.00
Pista Ice Cream Rs.100.00
Black Current Rs.100.00
Cassatta (Slice) Rs.150.00
Items Price
Chocolate Rs.100.00
Kesar Pista Rs.100.00
Fruit Cream Rs.100.00
Gulab Jammun Rs.100.00
Orange Tang Rs.100.00
Gurh Ka Halwa (Jaggry) Rs.200.00
Gajar Ka Halwa Rs.200.00
Jalebbi Rs.250.00


Timing 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Items Price
Veg. Burger Rs.120.00
Paneer Burger Rs.200.00
Items Price
Cheese Burger Rs.200.00


Items Price
Plain Cheese Pizza Rs.300.00
Onion Capsicum Pizza Rs.300.00
Cheese Tomato Pizza Rs.300.00
Items Price
Chilli Cheese Pizza Rs.350.00
Veg. Special Pizza Rs.380.00

Mumbai Pav

Items Price
Pav Bhaji Rs.160.00
Bhel Puri Rs.160.00
Items Price
Sev Puri Rs.160.00

Mumbai Pav

Items Price
Veg. Dosa Rs.130.00
Plain Dosa Rs.150.00
Masala Dosa Rs.150.00
Paneer Plain Dosa Rs.160.00
Items Price
Rawa Plain Dosa Rs.160.00
Rawa Masala Dosa Rs.180.00
Masala Dosa Rs.150.00
Masala Dosa Rs.150.00